“Fragrance is powerful; it ties an individual to moments, emotions, and leaves a lasting impression on the mind, body, and soul.” – Founder Wynne 

Wynnie Tam Tam’s reverence for the profound effects of a well-crafted aroma began at the age of six, when the scent of her mother’s Loulou Cacherel perfume formed her earliest childhood memory.To this day, one whiff of this nurturing synergy of jasmine and vanilla instantly transports her mind to a realm of comfort and security, making any point on the map feel just like home.

The deep psychological imprint of this scent has followed her from the UK to the Middle East and all throughout Asia, leading her to the realisation that fragrances possess an incredible ability to embody emotions and alter our state of being.

This awareness became the foundation for the luxury candle company that is Wynnie Tam Tam London, whose mission is to immortalise the treasured moments of calm that sustain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Potent, authentic, and ethically-sourced.

Each divine and deeply relaxing candle is created with love and individually handcrafted using 500 drops of the finest essential oils. Luxury can’t be rushed, and each pour can take weeks to perfect.

Our boutique soy wax candles use only the purest, highest quality ingredients and are kind to the environment. A clean, smooth burn and luxurious fragrance effortlessly transports you to your happy place, gently restoring your mind, body and soul.



Luxury Black Marble Plate


Bride Calm





100% natural and paraffin free

Hand poured in the UK


Eco-friendly candles 

Candle wick

Tissue paper


Vegan & cruelty free

Hand poured in the UK


Eco-friendly candles 

Candle wicks

Tissue paper


1. The First Burn

When you first light your candle, always let it burn until the top surface layer become completely melted. This will be approximately 3-4 hours and will help the wax to burn evenly and prevents tunnelling.

2. Trim Your Wick


Trimming your wick is crucial in candle etiquette. Don’t leave the wick too long as it will become hot and dangerous. Always trim your candle wick regularly, to approximately 6mm long, to prevent black soot and smoky flames.

3. Stop Burning

To protect your candle vessel, always keep an eye on the last burning candle, approximately 10mm of wax, at the bottom. If it becomes too hot, use a candle snuffer to extinguish the candle and ensure the candle vessel does not overburn.

Never leave the candle unattended. Always keep away from children, pets and flammable materials.


Luxury candle snuffers and candle plates 

Silver Candle Snuffer £18

Rose Gold Candle Snuffer £18

Candle Plate – Marble Black £20